Below you will find step by step instructions on how to fill and care for your
Powder Incense Burner
Step 1 - Load Burner With Incense Powder
Place Burner on a piece of paper. Pour an ample amount of
Powder into the center of the Burner.

Warning :
Do NOT allow any inense to touch any varnished, painted, or plastic surface.
Keep powder out of reach of children and pets.
Not for human consumption
Step 2 - Level Incense Powder
Moving the tamper in a circular motion, starting in the center and
working outward, gently fill the grooves of the burner with the
incense powder.

When you have filled the burner, take the excess powder that has
gone off the edge and store it in the plastic bag.
Step 3 - Light the Incense Powder

Using a blunt ended item such as the brush, push up a small
mound . Light the mound of powder with a match or lighter. The
Powder will continue to burn.
Step 4 - Stopping the Incense Powder from burning

A unique feature of the incense powder is the capability of starting
and stopping the burn. To stop the burning of the powder, make a
seperation in the powder where you would like it to stop. To
restart , back to step 3.
Step 5 - Cleaning the ashes from the Burner
To remove the ashes , use extreme caution to make sure there is no burning. Allow at least 20 minutes to
cool before you empty. Use the small brush to remove all the ashes and residue from the burner. NEVER
wash or get your burner wet. NEVER tap your burner to empty it ,IT WILL BREAK.