Fleece Poncho Cape – Red Black

Fleece Poncho Cape – Red Black


Fleece poncho cape Red black and while One size fits all poncho style with full hood and ties poncho cape for women men and children

  • Handmade item
  • Jacket style: Cape
  • Materials: fleece cape, fleece cape and hood, unisex cape, men women and kids, Red black and white, cosplay, poncho cape, plaid fleece cape, costume, fleece poncho cape, one size fits all, coats and capes, Renaissance cape


This Fleece cape is Red, black and white plaid ,One size fits all , this will fit a pre-teen to a very large man ,It is a poncho style so it can be worn over bulky cloths with a full hood and ties in the front , Its a great cape for women , men and children , cosplay wear , Its a great addition to your Renaissance Garb , it is great for camping , it can be used as a throw blanket ,great for outdoor sports games or keep it in your car for emergencies . It is machine washable and hang dry . It is soft and warm for those cold months .

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Weight 4 lbs